Tahitian pearls jewelry for women and men. Unique, Beautiful, Natural jewels ! Hand made in France - certified pearls

Welcome to my workshop!

Parisian from birth, I have already had several professional lives: communication officer, journalist, webmaster.
Ten years ago, I sat in the south of France to become scenery painter in frescoes and trompe l'oeil ...
It worked well but times are hard for painters ...
So, 12 years ago, my brother Ted passed on his passion to me and trained in this last profession of jewelry designer who mixes everything I love: creation, manufacturing, communication. I love it and I think it shows in my achievements.

I work from raw products: Tahitian pearls, pearls from Australia and Australian leather. All these raw materials are selected for their eco-friendly quality and exceptional character. Each piece in my shop is unique and entirely handmade. Each jewel is the fruit of long craft and creative work. I especially like baroque pearls or semi-baroque ones with natural shapes, blue peacock or green colors associated with leather that I roll, braid, knott ... this marriage of materials allows me to get multiple combinations of jewelry, added with other natural materials like turquoise, semi-precious stones that I gleaned over my meetings, trips and heart strokes.

Victor Hugo said: "The sea is a place of rigor and freedom."
The rigor is the work of pearls and leather ; Freedom is therefore to bring the sea to your neck! QED!

Enjoy your visit!

Sophie, Perla Mundi

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